miércoles, 22 de febrero de 2017

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #17

How will the Cheetah return?

Diana is still fighting for her sanity while her friends fight for their lives and their only hope is that one of them succumbs to their worst aspects.

Better than the last one at least.

The Truth storyarc continues with Greg Rucka pretty much reintegrating a lot of the previous continuity into the story. Mind you, this time is not so bad since at least Rucka is actually acknowledging Brian Azzarello's run and the fact that Diana was the God of War at one point. I don't hope for him to stick with some of the changes of that run but let's see where it goes.

The characterization is pretty solid with several of the characters receiving their respective moments, particularly Barbara who is still struggling with her other identity and is ready to lose herself to save her friends. One one hand this makes her more sympathetic but on the other one, I still think this kind of portrayal goes against the premise and nature of Wonder Woman's archenemy.

Liam Sharp return to art duties and is better looking than the last one with more polished character models and overall style.

Not bad but I hope some things start to change.

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