jueves, 9 de febrero de 2017

Some thoughts about Deadman: Dark Mansion of the Forbidden Love #3

Deadman's mission is about to end.

Berenice is still investigating the mystery behind the ghost of the mansion but that will make her discover something she couldn't have expected and now one of her loved ones will have to die.

The conclusion of this miniseries is here and is just as good as the rest.

Sarah Vaughn delivers her final chapter where she explores about the nature of the love triangle between Berenice, Nathan and Sam but she gives it a pretty interesting twist that makes the situation much more complicated than I imagined. The characterization is pretty solid with every member of the cast showing their emotions during the situation perfectly thanks to well-written narration while the plot progresses at a pretty engaging pace where every little detail starts being revealed which make you more invested into the resolution, all of this culminates in a pretty appropriate ending for all the characters involved.

Once again, based on how much focus the human cast received you might think this story isn't about Deadman but the writer demonstrates the contrary since she also gives him a lot of attention while also showing a lot of respect towards the character until the end.

Lan Medina handles the artwork and once again, he shows a really great job being able to make his style fit into the gothic nature of the story with creative storytelling and beautiful scenes.

Excellent ending, sad to see this go.

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