miércoles, 15 de febrero de 2017

Some thoughts about Aquaman #17

Aquaman will have to fight against an enemy who he can't face.

Several people have been controlled by someone called Warhead and now they're attacking Arthur who will need to defeat them without hurting them.

No surprises here, yet another serviceable issue.

Dan Abnett begins a new storyline by introducing a new villain in the form of Warhead and its ability to control other people to do what he wants. The premise works fine enough with an antagonist that does its job despite that we barely know anything about its nature and presents a decent threat for Arthur.

The thing is that this kind of villain could have introduced in any other book since it doesn't challenge Arthur in a personal level nor one that constrasts with his abilities. This might change in the future but that's how it looks so far. Plus, this issue felt a bit light in terms of content as well.

Scot Eaton is in charge of the pencils and is solid with expressive characters and strong action scenes.

Not bad but not impressive, hope the next one is better.

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