miércoles, 15 de febrero de 2017

Some thoughts about Old Man Logan #18

Wolverine's dreams have come to an end.

Logan has just found out that Jean Grey has been causing his hallucinations and now will have to stop her without hurting her.

This arc comes to an end and it was pretty entertaining overall.

Jeff Lemire brings the final chapter of this little story where he plays a bit more with the premise to create even more alternate realities. It was cool to see more of Logan's past like the death of his friends and even a sequence that is pretty reminiscent of the Marvel Zombies universe which is always appreciated.

Not only that but the writer uses this installment to plant the seeds for an upcoming story which explores one of the most mysterious plot-points that has been unanswered so far. What happened to the baby Hulk Logan was taking care of?

Andrea Sorrentino remains in art duties and his work is once again fantastic thanks to the beautiful and creative scenes that make the story even better.

Really enjoyable, hoping for the better for the next storyline.

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