miércoles, 15 de febrero de 2017

Some thoughts about The Wild Storm #1

There's a storm coming.

A strange conspiracy has been occurring lately, one that involves some of the strangest beings from the world and they could discover things that could affect everyone around them.

We're about the behold the beginning of a new universe.

As most people who are familiar with the comic industry should know, Warren Ellis pretty much reinvented Jim Lee's and DC's Wildstorm line in the late 90's with a high-concept new direction that cemented a style that would be used in years to come. Now he returns to repeat the proccess once again this time starting from zero which allows for even more freedom.

Aaaaand is okay so far I guess?

There's certainly an ongoing mystery going on this time and it includes several classic characters from the Wildstorm universe like Zealot, the Engineer, Voodoo among others. There are a lot of sub-plots also being integrated into the main one and explore ideas that have been revealed in their entirety yet but so far they seem intriguing enough.

That's the thing about this issue, is mostly a set-up for things to come. I think that Ellis could have revealed a few more things to make the story more interesting and maybe give the character a few more personal moments to make you care about them. As it is, this is mostly dependant on how familiar you are with the cast and universe so if you were already invested in them this shouldn't be any problem but for new readers there might not be enough reason to keep reading.

Jon Davis-Hunt handles the artwork and is really solid with pretty detailed characters and environments and clear storytelling. Although I'm not sure about the redesigns, they seem a bit dull compared to the previous ones.

I'm still invested in the future of this book but let's hope the next one offers a bit more of everything.

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