miércoles, 15 de febrero de 2017

Some thoughts about Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye #5

Cave Carson's world continues in danger.

Cave and Chloe have finally arrived to her grandparents' home and is just as surreal as they expected. However, the organization who has been chasing them all this time is threatening the whole place.

This was yet another entertaining issue mostly because of the creativity.

Gerard Way and Jon Rivera bring a new chapter where they explore the world of Chloe's ancestors and how she starts to reconnect with it. The worldbuilding is solid by presenting the realm in a classic comic fashion that you would see in old-school series except with a more modern take. The characterization goes deeper by showing more of what every member of the cast is thinking and is always cool to see more of Wild Dog's backstory.

The plot progresses at a nice pace as well with the menace of Cave's enemies increasing and him being forced to take some desperate actions which includes the references of several classic characters connected to him as well as calling the greatest superhero on Earth and its hilarious outcome.

Michael Avon Oeming handles the artwork and is once again ideal for the different bizarre environments this series offers while the cartoony characters have really solid expressions.

There's once again a second segment written and drawn by Tom Scioli and once again he creates a pretty distinctive and fun take, this time on Batman and his villains.

Enjoyable overall, wonder what will happen next.

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