miércoles, 22 de febrero de 2017

Some thoughts about Detective Comics #951

The League of Shadows has been unleashed.

Batman is trying to figure out what are the plans of his enemies but the only thing he will find is chaos in the city.

This new arc properly starts and so far so good.

James Tynion IV delivers a new storyline where he continues to focus on several of the plot-points he created during his run while also exploring new territory. The characterization continues to be solid thanks to the multiple segments focusing on the different members of the cast while also delivering strong portrayals for most of them.

The chaotic nature of the League of Shadows is also explored which elevates their level of threat and creates a pretty interesting suitation for the protagonists due that they don't know how or when will they attack.

Christian Duce is in charge of the art and is pretty solid by being able to depict the gothic style of this run perfectly and creating interesting panels.

Enjoyable, let's hope the rest of story is just as good.

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