miércoles, 22 de febrero de 2017

Some thoughts about Transformers: Lost Light #3

The Lost Light's troubles never end.

Rodimus and his crew have just learned that they have been transported to another dimension where things are going much more different than the one they remember. Worst of all, Whirl is about to meet his match once again.

Okay, lots of things happened here and really needs at least a couple of reads to get all the details but let's start already.

James Roberts continues his storyline about the Functionist Universe with tons of plot-progression, character development and overall sense of fun. One can't help but laugh once that Whirl meets his nemesis once again, especially considering how things supposedly went based on what he said. The different plot-points are also moving at a nice pace while new secrets, details and hints are starting to appear, some of them even involve parallel versions of the characters.

Plus, the character work that has been one of the strongest aspects of this story is still present with little scenes focusing on multiple members of the cast that manage to say a lot about them with just a few lines or expressions. Is really well-done.

Jack Lawrence remains in art duties and his work is still quite appropriate for the series thanks to his cartoony and expressive style and solid storytelling.

Pretty enjoyable, hope the next one arrives soon.

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