miércoles, 15 de febrero de 2017

Some thoughts about Trinity #6

Can the Trinity survive the world of dreams?

Mongul has gained control over Clark's body and now is up to all of them to find a way out and they might get it from the most unexpected source.

This arc is over and quite frankly is a shame that Francis Manapul's run is ending here as well.

The writer managed to create a pretty great characterization and interaction between all of the members from the cast and this finale is no different. Every member of the Trinity is portrayed perfectly, Manapul really knew what are the strongest aspects of their personalities and makes them handle the situation in the best way each one of them can which brings several interesting and cool scenes.

The rest of the cast is also nicely depicted including Poison Ivy who still gets a solid portrayal despite that she was an antagonist here. All of this close the story in a satisfying manner.

Emanuela Luppachino handles the artwork and is beautiful with lots of vibrant panels and gorgeous characters.

Excellent issue, hope we had more of this.

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