martes, 2 de junio de 2020

Some thoughts about Action Comics #1022

Who is Conner Kent?

Conner is still not sure from what Earth he comes from and Clark is willing to investigate the truth behind his appearance.

Another issue, a lot of things that are wrong.

Brian Bendis returns to explain from what reality Conner actually comes from... by not really explaining anything at all. Jesus Christ, despite of the whole amount of dialogue that this issue has, you would think that it would at least give us some answers but no, this issue is mostly devoted to characters talking and mostly about nothing (Mind you, some of the conversations can be entertaining like when Mister Terrific and The Atom are involved but still). The ongoing plot about Red Cloud continues but it's barely a thing.

That's not most irritating aspect of this for me since Bendis uses this as an opportunity to trash Jon once again by making him say to Clark "You got yourself a new cooler son?!" refering to Conner because of course Bendis would say that. He never wanted to write Jon on the books at all and his interpretation of him in Legion of Super-Heroes is as bland as a cardboard. I can't wait until this ends so when can have Jon properly back.

JRJR handles the art and is decent with expressive characters and his unique style.

Aside from that, you're not missing anything here.

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