jueves, 14 de marzo de 2019

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #66

Can Wonder Woman work alongside one of her worst enemies?

The Titans are beggining their attack and Diana will be forced to contact the only person who can fight them face to face.

Yeah, this simply refuses to improve.

G. Willow Wilson offers a new installment where she apparently opens a new storyline and I say "opens" literally since there's barely anything more than that. The issue in fact starts with a few scenes with the funny anthropomorphic creatures from one of the filler issues and it can be enjoyable at times but it also presents that awkward romance between the goat monster and the human lady that becomes even more unconfortable here.

And the rest of the issue is basically yet another uninteresting fight along with a few adequate scenes of interaction between Diana and Giganta but aside from that, the issue ends basically where it started and barely makes you feel like there was any progress or content at all. This is too decompressed for its own good and the things that actually happen here don't compensate for it.

Actually now that I think about it, this issue feels mostly like filler. Hell, THIS WHOLE RUN feels like filler since there's nothing remarkable about it whatsoever.

Cary Nord's artwork is decent enough but not particularly impressive from any angle either being storytelling or beauty as a whole.

Totally passable and I have already lost hope.

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