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Some thoughts about Batwoman #12

Batwoman will have to save her sister once again.

Kate can't help but remember her time with one of old lovers and all the things that forced them to become enemies.

Yeah, I'm not even bothering to remember the names of the old boring island nor Kate's ex despite of how much Marguerite Bennett wants to push them.

Why? Because as most people know, they're boring AF. This story is yet another, and I mean yet another flashback to that dull place that already took 5 frikking issues early on and for some reason Bennett decides to revisit it continually. I had hopes when Kate Perkins arrived since I thought that she was going to replace Bennett and she did a much better job by creating a quite dense issue with a pretty different direction. Unfortunately she apparently was just a fill-in writer and at this point I'm just asking why did Bennett have to come back? This book has been one of the most tedious on the stands thanks to her.

This issue is not much different than before. There's a bit of exploration of the relationship between Kate and her ex but unfortunately is one that barely makes any sense. Kate apparently brought with her a virus that was making animals go crazy in the island but her girlfriend decided to cover it... by blaming other people and killing them. Seriously, what is even the point of that? Why can't they just discover a cure for the virus without going through such unnecessary means? Is not like people in the island even had someone to blame for this. Jesus, this is overly-complicated and stupid.

Scott Golewski's art is pretty good though, is both expressive and gothic in the right places, perfect for Batwoman, if only he had a better story.

God, just end this already, just end.

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