miércoles, 18 de octubre de 2017

Some thoughts about The Wild Storm #8

Is the world ready to discover about its organizations?

Marlowe is ready to tell the truth but only barely and a strange encounter with a mysterious doctor might be the next big discovery.

Welp, they offered a few reveals at the very least.

Warren Ellis delivers a new chapter where he continues to explore how this particular world works. The information that Marlowe provides does answer some questions but at the same time, it creates more questions about the true purpose of his appearance (and this is also noted by one of the characters) which is pretty much what has been happening in this book since the beginning so this isn't a big surprise. We also see some progress in the story based on the other organizations which is helped by the natural dialogue of the characters.

The best part for me was the appearance of classic Wildstorm characters like a new version of The Doctor who proves to be pretty interesting so far and a new version of Jenny Sparks who seems to be an amalgam of the original Jenny Sparks and Jenny Quantum. This all comes together in a wild segment of hallucinations that bring compelling scenes.

Jon Davis-Hunt remains in art duties and his work is still pretty polished thanks to his great attention to detail and storytelling that is especially inventive during the more supernatural moments.

Solid overall but I wish this kind of issues would happen more often.

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