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Some thoughts about Ms. Marvel #5

Can Ms. Marvel protect both her secret identity and her life at the same time?

Kamala is trying to figure what are the plans of the mysterious inventor but this might be more complicated than what she imagined, especially considering that her family is about to discover the reason why she has been disappearing these days.

Some thoughts about Avengers Undercover #6

The kids have made a plan but are they all willing to follow it?

Deathlocket is finally feeling like she's in control on herself and can start acting the way she always wanted even if that means becoming a supervillain. However, what she doesn't know is that the rest of her group have planned to take down the Masters of Evil and that could be the last thing that she wants at this point.

Some thoughts about Larfleeze #12

All what Larfleeze ever wanted was everything, is that that much too ask?

Larfleeze and G'Nort are fighting for their lives against a group of cosmic entities with the power of Gods. However, not even such combined forces could be able to stop the greediest creature that ever existed.

Some thoughts about Secret Origins #3

The early days from the Emerald Knight, a soldier and the boy who discovered Batman's identity told from a new perspective.

How does Hal Jordan deals with fear? What are the most important aspects from Kate Kane's life? What is what obsesses Tim Drake the most? All of them have a different point of view that it's not explored yet.

Some thoughts about Justice League Dark #32

The Justice League Dark will need to save Nightmare Nurse if they want to save their own lives.

No matter if Asa is currently threatening their lifes, Zatanna will need to help her if she wants to stop an entity that it's about to destroy the whole team along with the House of Mystery. Will she be able to find a solution to this without having to sacrifice anybody?

Some thoughts about Sinestro #3

Sinestro is decided to save the survivors from Korugar no matter if they love him or hate him.

The Sinestro Corps is currently being populated by some pretty dangerous beings and Soranik Natu knows that she can't allow them to cause any more damage to the universe. Although they might not be the most dangerous threat currently.

Some thoughts about Futures End #8

Whatever happened to Earth 2 in 5 years?

Grifter is still getting accustomed to his new role in Cadmus while Jason Rusch is trying to avoid his as Firestorm. Meanwhile, Frankenstein and S.H.A.D.E. are trying to figure who is the culprit behind the attack to Stormwatch and the war that happened between worlds is finally starting to be revealed.

Some thoughts about Red Lanterns #32

Atrocitus has just strike back not even the combined forces of the Red Lanterns might be able to stop him.

Guy Gardner is finally understanding the ramifications of his actions as the leader of the Red Lanterns but it could be too late since Atrocitus is decided to recover the control of his group no matter what, even if he has to destroy half of it.

Some thoughts about Aquaman #32

Mera has just found some of the most dangerous inhabitants from Atlantis.

There's a dangerous sect hidden in the reign and they're not willing to accept their new King and Queen. Meanwhile, the most dangerous experiment from Triton base is about to destroy his own creators and maybe even Aquaman.

Some thoughts about The Flash #32

The Flash and The Future Flash's worlds are about to collide.

In the present Barry is still trying to find the clues about the culprit of stealing some of the Rogues' arsenal before he or she is able to hurt anmyone else. Meanwhile in the future, Barry is looking back to all the mistakes he has commited in the past and he's going to try to solve them despite that this might cost his life.

Some thoughts about Justice League #31

Lex Luthor has just found Batman's true identity, what does he plans to do with such information?

The Power Ring has been looking for a new host after the death of its last one and it has finally found it, Jessica Cruz is terrified of the world and that makes her an easy target for the ring. However, she might still have hope since the World's Strangest Heroes have come to her rescue.

Some thoughts about Superman #32

Is Superman able to face another Man of Tomorrow?

Clark Kent has done nothing else but distance himself from the world since he arrived here despite of the best intentions from some of his closest friends, he hasn't be able to leave behind the feeling of loneliness due to being so different from the rest of the people. However, that might be about to change since a person with a pretty similar background to his has just arrived to the world.

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Justice League #31 Preview

Aquaman #32 Preview

The Flash #32 Preview

Futures End #8 Preview

Justice League Dark #32 Preview

Sinestro #3 Preview

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Some thoughts about Daredevil #4

Daredevil will have to face both old and new enemies at the same time.

Matt has just fallen into the trap of The Shroud and The Owl but that's not the only plan from both villains. Now, Matt will have to find a way to save one of them from killing himself and stop another from getting more power than he could imagine.

Some thoughts about Silver Surfer #3

Can the Silver Surfer and his new partner Dawn Greenwood save the Never Queen?

Norrin Radd has been doing all he can to save Dawn just to realize that she's pretty capable of doing that on her own. Now both will need to depend on the Power Cosmic to try to stop Zed and his ambitions despite that might not necessarily be the end of their problems.

Some thoughts about Batman and Ra's Al Ghul #32

Batman and Frankenstein will need to stop Ra's Al Ghul before it's too late.

The Demon has decided to resurrect Talia and Damian using his own Lazarus Pit but Batman knows that's not the right way to deal with the corpse of his son no matter how much he wants him back. However, there may be strongest forces than Ra's Al Ghul that want him back to life.

Some thoughts about Batwoman #32

The supernatural aspects of Gotham City are back to Batwoman's life.

Kate's old girlfriend, Sophie, has just arrived to Gotham hoping that she could be able to be in contact with Kate again. However, that's not her only problem since the vampire Nocturna has decided to start commiting crimes in the city again along with several other villains.

Some thoughts about Red Hood and the Outlaws #32

Are the Outlaws able to deal with a terrorist group and live to tell the story? They obviously can.

Red Hood, Arsenal and Starfire have decided as usual to stick together no matter what could happen, although that mentality is about to be tested since S.H.A.D.E. has just discovered that might put the life of one of them in danger.

Some thoughts about Futures End #7

Is Terry McGinnis able to stop the events that produced his futured from happening or is he only making things worse?

Frankenstein and his crew need to survive the Phantom Zone if they want to know what happened to Stormwatch. Meanwhile, Lois Lane's investigation continues to reveal more secrets behind the fall of the Titans and the mystery of why Faraday captured Grifter is starting to be unraveled.

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #32

Can Wonder Woman stop the rage from Olympus?

Deities are being murdered due to the new reign of the First Born and Diana will need all the help from the rest of her family if she wants to have a chance against the new King of the Gods but not even that could be enough.

Some thoughts about Green Lantern: New Guardians #32

What are the Psions and what kind of menace do they represent?

Kyle Rayner has been missing since he left Earth and Carol Ferris couldn't be more worried about it despite of the apparent lack of interest from the Guardians. Now, in the search of the White Lantern they will find a series of horrific experiments that are being conducted on several beings.

Some thoughts about Harley Quinn #7

Can Harley Quinn stop the person who wants her dead?

Poison Ivy is willing to help Harley to find the person who put a hit on her head. However, what both will find is that the culprit might be closer than what they think and so both will have to deal with an horde of assassins if they want to solve the problems.