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Some thoughts about Worlds' Finest #21

"First Contact" part 3 (Or is it 4? Who knows?).

Power Girl has been tricked by Kaisen Gamorra and now both the World's Finest from two earths are in peril. However, the portal that has just been opened by Gamorra might contain the connection to Earth 2 that Helena and Karen were looking for.

Some thoughts about Silver Surfer #1

The adventures of the Silver Surfer are about to get even more cosmic than ever.

Dawn is a girl who never wanted to leave her home in Anchor Bay, not even if her twin sister is the one who goes in adventures around the world but now she will find herself in a place far ahead from her town in outer space along with the other being who was summoned there, Silver Surfer.

Some thoughts about Iron Patriot #1

James Rhodes is a true patriot.

He has served his nation no matter how and under different identities, being either Iron Man, War Machine and now currently Iron Patriot, he's decided to protect his country, but there might be more important concerns for him, namely his own family.

Some thoughts about Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #6

It's the final battle for survival in a world of villains.

The Rogues have been trying to escape from the Crime Syndicate since they took over the world but now they have decided to fight their hordes and protect Central City no matter the cost, what follows is a clash of all the criminals from earth.

Some thoughts about Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S. #6

The fate of the world depends of Steve Trevor's survival or at least that's what they want us to believe.

Steve has been suffering a lot due to the recent events that have put his life in peril, but he will realize that his time for suffering needs to end if he wants to make A.R.G.U.S. and himself strongers. Unfortunately, he may be still being manipulated for other forces.

Some thoughts about Justice League Dark #29

To save the team, Zatanna will have to take a different role from which she used to have.

John Constantine can no longer be trusted, he has demonstrated that he only cares about himself and so the Justice League Dark will need a new person who is able to guide them into a new direction.

Some thoughts about Suicide Squad: Amanda Waller #1

Amanda Waller is the coldest woman in the planet but is that really true?

After suffering an accident on a plane, Amanda along with a group of soldiers and scientists will have to survive not only the cold from the place where they arrived but also the unexpected attack of superpowered beings who wants to kill them no matter what.

Some thoughts about Red Lanterns #29

The Red Lanterns got the kind of addition to their team that they were waiting for, but are they able to handle her?

Supergirl has been overwhelmed by rage and she thinks that's best direction for her life right now, but both Guy Gardner and Superman don't seem to think the same and they will try to get the best from this situation despite of their beliefs.

Some thoughts about The Flash #29

The mystery of the Keystone Killer is going to be finally solved but will Barry get all the answers he's looking for?

The Flash along with Deadman are trying their best to save all the citizens from Central City who are being possessed by the murderous ghost so they can commit his terrible crimes and his next target is one of the people who is closest to Barry.

Some thoughts about Aquaman #29

Atlantis is a civilization that hides great mysteries, so much that not even its own king knows them all.

Due to Arthur's carelessness the Atlantis Trident has fallen into the hands of people who wants to discover more about Atlantis and its myths, unknowing that they would free a group of horrific creatures along with the being that defeated them the last time, the Olympian God Hercules.

martes, 25 de marzo de 2014

Recommendations from Comixology's Green Arrow Sale

Yet another Comixology sale, but this time is based on my favorite character (thank God that I already own most of these issues, the money!). Anyway, here are some recommendations as usual:

miércoles, 19 de marzo de 2014

Some thoughts about Animal Man #29

Animal Man has defeated all of the beings that have threatened his family, now there's only one thing for him to do, accept the lose of his son.

Maxine decides to tell Buddy a little tale that she has just created, a tale that he knows pretty well but still needs to hear, a tale that will let him and his family continue with their lifes and hopefully be happy again.

Some thoughts about Daredevil #1

Daredevil's new life begins now!

After the shocking events from lately, Matt Murdock and his girlfriend Kirsten McDuffie decided to leave New York and open a new attorney office in San Francisco but that doesn't mean that their problems will be immediately solved. A new case for The Man Without Fear has just appeared and it involves the life of a little girl.

Some thoughts about Ms. Marvel #2

Kamala's biggest dream has just come true but is she ready to face with the ramifications?

Transformed into her idol Ms. Marvel, Kamala finds herself completely disoriented due to her new appearance and powers but she understands that the most important thing right now is to help people that are being affected by the same event that caused her change, even if that brings some problems later with her family.

Some thoughts about Red Hood and the Outlaws #29

Red Hood and his team are about to face an intergalactic threat, again.

Life hasn't been easy for Jason, Kory and Roy in the last months and it's not going to get any easier since a new alien group who have a connection with Kory are about to unleash the power of a really dangerous weapon that could destroy everything.

Some thoughts about Batman and Aquaman #29

The Hunt for Robin starts here!

Ra's Al Ghul has stolen the corpses of both Talia and Damian and Batman will do whatever it takes to recover the body of his son. However, Ra's will prove to be much more difficult to find and so Batman will need the special assistance of Aquaman to stop the madman.

Some thoughts about Suicide Squad #29

The final battle between the Suicide Squad and the Thinker is here.

The Thinker now possesses the whole power of O.M.A.C. but neither Amanda Waller nor Kevin Kho are going to surrender so easily and with the combined forces of the now superpowered Squad their going to launch an attack to defeat the creature both physically and mentally.

Some thoughts about Batwoman #29

The Wolf Spider continues to rob the most important paintings from Gotham City but his next target might be a really dangerous one.

Kate has been suffering a lot of stress due to the events that have been happening lately in her life, so much that Maggie is starting to worry about her mental health. Nonetheless, there are more important matters at ahdn for Kate since by following the Wolf Spider's clues, she gets trapped in Arkham Asylum along with all the terrifying inmates who habit it.

Some thoughts about Green Lantern: New Guardians #29

Kyle is about to learn the story of the Goddess X'Hal, but is that really all true?

Kyle and Carol are left speechless after watching the amazing power of the deity and that's good enough reason to start worrying about her intentions despite of the attempts of her people to prove that she's a loving Goddess. However, not all is what it appears to be since the Godkillers have arrived to the planet and are willing to prove that X'Hal's origins might be more humble than what one might expect.

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #29

The First Born resulted victorious in the battle for Olympus and his reign will be nothing but horror.

Diana will do her best to stop him but not even the combined forces of all of her allies will be enough to defeat the new Kinf of Gods. However, not all is lost since the death of Apollo will bring the rebirth of another God and such act will also produce the return of something really important for Diana.

Some thoughts about Harley Quinn #4

Harley will try to help someone, of course it's going to go wrong.

After hearing the sad story of an old woman who is suffering due to the being abandoned on a nursing home by her own family, Harley decides to teach such family a good lesson even if she has to kill them. Still, the old woman might not be the most important people Harley should try to help.

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miércoles, 12 de marzo de 2014

Some thoughts about Captain Marvel #1

Captain Marvel is currently trying to solve a case in another planet, how did this happen?

Carol Danvers is spending her day doing her usual superhero job while also working as a babysitter and trying to make her relationship with Rhodey work. However, she feels like something is missing something that she's not able to find on earth.

Some thoughts about Secret Avengers #1

The Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. have made a pact so they can work together to save the world, the result is much more ridiculous than you what may expect.

Black Widow and Spider-Woman are taking a well-deserved relax time meanwhile Nick Fury Jr. and Hawkeye are trying to survive from different but equally threatining forces. Does Maria Hill has better luck? Apparently no.

Some thoughts about Nightwing #29

Life has not been easy for Nightwing lately and it's going to get even worse.

Dick Grayson is reminiscing his past including the most recent events that have been derailing while trying to save Jen from Zsasz. He will have to realize that despite all the misteps he had, he never stopped doing what he does best, helping people.

Some thoughts about Justice League of America #13

Martian Manhunter was brutally defeated by Despero, how can Stargirl be able to face him?

Connecting to his psyche, Courtney will learn that Despero was not always the horrible being he is now and she will also discover what's happening to the Justice Leagues and what they need to do to save them.

Some thoughts about Avengers Undercover #1

Murder World might have ended but that doesn't mean that all the problems for these kids hasn't.

The survivors or Arcade's sick game are dealing with the ramifications of their actions in the arena and most of them have changed for the worse. However, there are bigger matters at hand since Arcade is still out there and he hasn't paid for his crimes yet, can this children work together again after the traumatic events they faced?

Some thoughts about Green Lantern Corps #29

The threat of the Durlans keeps increasing and the only hope is to trust one of their own.

John Stewart needs to convince Von Daggle, the Durlan Green Lantern, to help them find the being who impersonated Hal Jordan and defeat their race. However, he won't accept the offer easily nor quickly enough to make the Corps realize that one of their officers is a shapeshifter.

Some thoughts about Batman #29

Will Gotham City survive the dark times they're currently facing?

Batman is doing his best to try to find and stop the Riddler from destroying the city. Unfortunately, the monstrous Doctor Death still believes in the plan that Nygma has in mind and will kill anyone who dares to cross in its way. Could Batman be able to save the city or will they have to deal with an even bigger disaster than the one they presently have?

Some thoughts about Justice League 3000 #4

Are these heroes truly the persons they think they are?

The Justice League has contacted Airel Masters, the woman who had a huge input into their creation. Sadly, not all is what it seems, at least not what they used to believe, there has been a much darker origin to their current existence and one that the Wonder Twins will have to explain.

Some thoughts about Superman/Wonder Woman #6

The ultimate confrontation between the two most powerful couples on earth is here.

Superman and Wonder Woman realize that if they want to defeat both Zod and Faora they will need to use every advantage they can find and so they will search the help of Hephaestus. Unfortunately, he's not the only member of Diana's family who wil play an important role in this battle and it could mean the death for her and Clark.

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Some changes in Comic Obsessed

Hello guys, I unfortunately will have to change my mail address and I will be doing it by tomorrow, but don't worry, I will still delivering the same thoughts as usual so if you like them, please follow me in my new mail or join the site to avoid this kind of circunstances (caused by my own fault).

Sorry for the inconveniences.

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Some thoughts about She-Hulk #2

Trying to survive both as an attorney and as a superhero, just another day in the life of She-Hulk.

Jennifer has finally opened her own office as an attorney in love but she will have to learn that like in every business, the first steps are always the hardest. Could she have better luck at facing the terrorist group A.I.M. along with her friend Hellcat?

Some thoughts about Afterlife with Archie #4

Things go from bad to worse for Archie.

After barely escaping the zombie invasion lead by Jughead, Archie immediately went to his house to try to save his loved ones, unfortunately not all of them will get out of there alive.

Some thoughts about Loki: Agent of Asgard #2

Does Loki has the time and heart for romance?

In a session of speed dating Loki will meet a mysterious girl who has caught his eye and he will tell her one of his adventures involving the Goddess Lorelei. Does this girl have something to do with such deity?

Some thoughts about Moon Knight #1

The greatest detective that this world has known is back.

Marc Spector has been fighting against criminals as long as he has been fighting with his own mind. His multiple personality disorder has been proven to become a problem for a while but now he might discover that there are much stranger aspects about himself.

Some thoughts about The Movement #10

The Movement is planning to reveal Batgirl's identity but it won't be easy.

Barbara starts having flashbacks about the time she got paralized by the Joker and this ultimately will be what gaves her the upper hand against the team. Meanwhile, the metahuman that Barbara has been chasing has decided to give up but that won't be the end of the situation.