miércoles, 27 de diciembre de 2017

Some thoughts about Batman: Creature of the Night #2

Can Bruce live with the creature he has inside?

Bruce is trying to use his recently-found powers to help others but he will soon realize that he's playing with a dangerous force.

Some thoughts about Doomsday Clock #2

Who is the smartest man in the world?

Ozymandias is decided to recruit the best people to save his planet but he might need to go to another universe to find the most important of them.

Some thoughts about Transformers: Lost Light #12

Can Getaway get any more hateful?

The new Captain of the Lost Light is getting rid of people who disagree with him left and right, even people who used to be on his own side but that even that might not be enough to stop their quest.

Some thoughts about Nightwing: The New Order #5

Nightwing's hope is fading.

Dick is starting to lose the trust of his former friends and now even his own son might be against him so is up to the greatest hero in the world to save the day.

Some thoughts about Hawkman: Found #1

Is Hawkman ready to return?

Carter is suffering the attack of the Dark Multiverse just like many others but he will need to find the strenght to rise above them and fight for his lives.

Some thoughts about Moon Knight #190

Moon Knight has traitors in his own mind.

Marc is trying to live with his multiple personalities but once that gets a call from Marlene, he will suddenly realize that some of them don't deserve to be trusted.

Some thoughts about Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps #35

The Green Lantern Corps will have to save their Guardians.

The Controllers are killing their former brothers one by one and is up to Hal and his team help them no matter what.

Some thoughts about Justice League of America #21

The Justice League has just lost a member.

The Ray is back in Vanity wanting to make his city a better place and the first thing he will have to do is deal with one of its new heroes.

Some thoughts about Teen Titans #15

The Teen Titans will have to save Superboy.

Tim Drake from the future is still decided to end Jon's life and Damian will have to do everything in his power to help his friend.

Some thoughts about The Flash #37

The Rogues are united.

Barry is trying to investigate the murder of Turbine and that will lead him to the ultimate plan that his enemies have been preparing.

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #37

Can Wonder Woman defeat Darkseid?

The battle between Zeus and Darkseid has started but not even the power of an old God might be enough and Diana will have to find the strenght to do the impossible.

miércoles, 20 de diciembre de 2017

Some thoughts about The Wild Storm #10

A war is coming.

Henry Bendix is planning his new step and people around the world are starting to demonstrate a bigger role than they ever expected.

Some thoughts about Harley Quinn #33

Harley will have to deal with something she's not used to: Grief.

Everyone is suffering after the death of Mason, especially Harley who will have to do everything in her power to avoid thinking about it.

Some thoughts about Batwoman #10

Can Batwoman face her greatest fears?

Kate is in battle to death against the Scarecrow and she's about to learn more about her past and future than she ever wanted.

Some thoughts about Super Sons #11

Superboy is in danger.

The Teen Titans are deciding if they should accept Jon into their team but there's no time for that since Tim Drake came back from the future to kill him.

Some thoughts about Superman #37

The future is going to destroy the present.

Tim Drake from an alternate timeline is back and is willing to kill yet another person to prevent his future to happen.

Some thoughts about Aquaman #31

The Resistance is growing.

Arthur has decided to form an army to defeat King Rath without knowing that his most loved person is in peril.

Some thoughts about Trinity #16

The end is ending in the worst way possible.

Batman has made a deal with Deadshot and now both Superman and Wonder Woman will have to help them stop a terrorist attack.

Some thoughts about Green Lanterns #37

The Green Lanterns will have to save the same alien race again.

The Ungarians are starting to have trouble sharing their planet with other races and both Simon and Jess will have to find a way to end their conflict without knowing that their closest allies are their enemies.

Some thoughts about Batman #37

What do these couples have in common?

Superman and Lois Lane decided to go on a double date with Batman and Catwoman and this can only go so well.

Some thoughts about Justice League #35

Can the Justice League fight against the people they're trying to save?

A new alien infestation has come to Earth but the team will suddenly realize that the world is a bigger problem for them at the moment.

Some thoughts about Dark Nights: Metal #4

Is there any hope in the universe?

Superman and Batman have been captured for a long time and now they will have to find the way to escape and save their loved ones but even their combined forces might not be enough.