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The Top Ten Worst DC Comics of 2018

What else is there to say?

Some thoughts about Aquaman #43

Can Aquaman find a new life?

Arthur can remember who he was and his only memories are the ones from the people he just met but soon he will realize they all are connected to a bigger purpose.

Some thoughts about Catwoman #6

Can Catwoman defeat her new enemy?

Creel has manipulated everyone into believing her and now Selina will have to make each one of them see the truth.

Some thoughts about Teen Titans #25

Who are Crush's parents?

Djinn is going to help her teammate to find a lost loved one but that jourmey could be more dangerous than any of them anticipated.

Some thoughts about Freedom Fighters #1

Is this the end of freedom?

The Ratzis managed to defeat the Freedom Fighters once for all and take over America but what they don't know is that their spirit will never die.

Some thoughts about Justice League #14

What is happening in Hawkworld?

The Justice League has decided to explore Thanagar to search for answers about the secrets of the Nth Metal but they're about to find more than they expected.

Some thoughts about Batman #61

Can Bruce Wayne finally avenge the death of his parents?

The murder of the Waynes heavily affected a kid and now he will have to take a decision that will change the course of his life.

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Some thoughts about Titans #31

Can the Titans recover from their losses?

Nightwing's absense has affected the team in many ways but the arrival of Kyle Rayner might help them to get back on track again.

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #60

War can't be trusted.

Diana is trying to convince Ares to let go his violent tendencies but even if she manages to stop him, things are far from being resolved.

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Some thoughts about New Talent Showcase 2018 #1

How can these people deal with their issues.

Some of the world's greatest heroes are trying to help and inspire people the best way they can but is that enough?

Some thoughts about The Flash #60

Can The Flash deal with another Force user?

Barry has just met Fuerza and while she might let him now more about the Strength Force, other people might not be happy with their new partnership.

Some thoughts about Sideways #11

Can Sideways find out the culprit?

Bolt is threatening Derek's loved ones and this will lead him to the person responsible of his mother's death.

Some thoughts about Superman #6

How can Superman will deal with the threat of Rogol Zaar?

Clark is still trying to save the planet from his new enemy and things are going to be even more complicated once that Jon returns.

Some thoughts about The Batman who Laughs #1

How can Batman beat one of his worst adversaries?

The Batman who Laughs is back and the only way Bruce can even face him is by turning into what he hates the most.

Some thoughts about Batman Annual #3

How does Alfred deals with Batman?

A call completely changed the life in Wayne Manor and both Bruce and Alfred had to adapt to it but that doesn't mean things need to stay the same.

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Highly anticipating in December 12th 2018

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Recommendations from the week December 5th 2018

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Some thoughts about The United States Vs. Murder Inc. #4

The nation is in trouble.

The families have decided to murder the President of the United States and just a few will suffer the consequences.

Some thoughts about The Curse of Brimstone #9

Brimstone will have to face his fate.

Joe has been completely consumed by the curse and now the only person who can stop him is Doctor Fate but even his powers might not be enough.

Some thoughts about Red Hood: Outlaw #29

Can Red Hood figure out what happens in this town?

Jason and Batwoman will have to survive a brutal attack from creatures that are connected to the mystery around this strange place.

Superman #6 Preview

Some thoughts about Deathstroke #38

Can Deathstroke survive Arkham's immates?

Slade continues to lose himself inside of the asylum and worst of all is that this might the plan of the worst criminals in Gotham.

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Some thoughts about Adventures of the Super Sons #5

Can the Super Sons accept their future?

Jon and Damian have just found their future selves and things are only going to get more confusing from there.

Some thoughts about Green Arrow #47

Will the Citizen win this battle?

Oliver has been caught and now the people of Seattle are going to decide his fate but there must be other solution to this battle.

Some thoughts about Martian Manhunter #1

Who is the Martian Manhunter?

J'onn J'onzz is trying to have a normal life on Earth as a detective but his past will always come back to haunt him.

Some thoughts about Justice League #13

Is Lex Luthor Vs. The Joker now.

Lex believes he can control Batman's archenemy and that might be his worst mistake.