miércoles, 25 de julio de 2018

Some thoughts about Aquaman #38

Atlantis' final stand is here.

Arthur has done everything in his power to stop Corum Rath from destroying everything but is not enough and to defeat him he will need the help of his most loved person.

Some thoughts about Mera: Queen of Atlantis #6

Mera will need to prove that she's true Queen of Atlantis.

The battle between Mera and Orm for the throne has started and the result could change the direction of the battle that Arthur is currently having.

Some thoughts about The Silencer #7

Can The Silencer save a whole plane?

Hope was planning to get away of her old life along with her family but there might not be a chance due that assassins are on board.

Some thoughts about The Terrifics #6

The Terrifics are about to face their biggest fears.

Algon is causing chaos everywhere and is about to defeat the whole team. Now their only chance depends on another world.

Some thoughts about Transformers: Lost Light #21

The end of the universe is coming.

Rodimus has just saved his crew from Getaway but now he will have to face an even greater threat, the Grand Architect.

Some thoughts about DC's Beach Blanket Bad Guys Special #1

How do most of the villain spend their time?

The world's greatest criminals still have their own lives and all of them will show how different they are from their nemesis.

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #51

Wonder Woman's biggest strength is her compassion.

Diana beat a supervillain months ago but she believes there are much better ways to end her criminal ways.

Some thoughts about Teen Titans #20

The Teen Titans have just gotten new blood.

Robin is decided to stop giving villains a chance and now has reunited a team that could put an end to crime, for better or worse.

Some thoughts about Action Comics #1001

Who is causing the fires?

A kid has been telling that Superman is the one culprit of the chaos that is taking over Metropolis but there are much more mysterious people involved in it.

Some thoughts about Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps #49

There might still be hope.

Hal has just found out the source of the Darkstars' powers and that might be what they needed to turn the tides on this battle.

Some thoughts about The Flash #51

Can Wally West stop running?

After failing to stop Zoom, Barry is trying to reach to his family with no result and now he will be forced to let go one of his loved ones.

Some thoughts about Doomsday Clock #6

Who are the Mime and the Marionette?

Erika and Marcos lived in one of the most violent and rotten worlds imaginable and once that they come to another one, they will soon realize that things are not so different.

Some thoughts about Justice League Dark #1

Magic is broken.

Something has happened to the supernatural forces after the Justice League faced the Omega Titans and now is up to Wonder Woman to gather a team able to stop everything from getting worse.

miércoles, 18 de julio de 2018

Some thoughts about Runaways #11

Is Gert ready for these times?

Gert has been feeling out of place after being revived and now she has realized that she's not even as special as before.

Some thoughts about The Wild Storm #15

People around the world are dying.

Henry Bendix is willing to create a new war while John Lynch is looking for his former teammates and not with the best results.

Some thoughts about New Challengers #3

The Challengers have been deceived.

The original Challengers have appeared in front the new team and now the Professor has things to explain but there's no time for that since the unknown is coming.

Some thoughts about Cave Carson has an Interstellar Eye #5

Cave Carson's past continues to torment him.

Prince Elium is back from the dead and now is going to accompany Cave and his team in a journey where they will discover he's not the only teammate who is back.

Some thoughts about Batwoman #17

Is Batwoman's time over?

Kate has just saved her sister and seems like things are finally going the way she wants but fate has a way to get in her way.

Some thoughts about Green Lanterns #51

Can the Green Lanterns stop the murders?

One of the biggest threats that the Corps has ever faced continues to take victims and could ultimately destroy them all.

Some thoughts about Justice League #4

Is the Justice League doomed?

Lex Luthor's plans are coming into fruition and that includes all of the world's greatest villains whose collaboration could destroy the entire Multiverse.

Some thoughts about Batman #51

What's happening to Batman?

Bruce has decided to be part of the jury about the case of three murders but the suspect might actually not be the culprit.