miércoles, 24 de abril de 2019

Some thoughts about The Terrifics #15

Can the Terrifics face a bigger threat?

Michael is glad to have his wife back but being from a different dimension bring its own sort of problems and that's without counting they have to fight God himself now.

Some thoughts about The Flash #69

Is this the greatest trick in Central City's history?

The Trickster has apparently cut off Barry's legs and his only hope is to remember why he wants to protect his city.

Some thoughts about The Wild Storm #22

The world needs a new authority.

Jenny Spark believes she needs Apollo and Midnighter's help to face Henry Bendix' forces and this might be the beginning of a brand new team.

Some thoughts about Dial H for Hero #2

What is the Thunderbolt Club?

Miguel is trying to get away from the powers he just found but the people inside of the H-Dial need him to defeat their enemies.

Some thoughts about Batgirl #34

Who are the new criminals in Gotham?

Batgirl has just stopped a murder attempt just to find herself in the middle of another one constructed by a bunch of bizarre beings.

Some thoughts about Action Comics #1010

Can Lois and Clark become spies?

The Kents have decided to go undercover to learn about Leviathan's plans but this could be more dangerous than they expected.

Some thoughts about Justice League Dark #10

Will the Lords of Order bring destruction to the world?

Nabu's plans have finally been revealed and the Justice League Dark will need to fight against them despite that there's little possibility to win.

Some thoughts about Freedom Fighters #5

Why did the Freedom Fighters lose the last war?

Uncle Sam is back but he can't help but remember why he disappeared last time and that force is about to come back as well.

Some thoughts about Heroes in Crisis #8

Who is the murderer?

Wally West has been losing control of himself since the loss of his family and Sanctuary could make things even worse for him.