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Some thoughts about Generations Captain Marvel & Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel is about to meet her idol in the most unexpected way possible.

Kamala has traveled back in time and now she's about to meet the person that Carol Danvers used to be and that could turn into a surprise for both of them.

I have been loving the Generations tie-ins so far buuuuut I don't think this one worked so well sadly.

This being the encounter between the two Ms. Marvels, it just made sense to make G. Willow Wilson handle the story. The problem is that unlike the Wolverine/All-New Wolverine and Hawkeye/Hawkeye tie-ins, the writer decided to focus not really on emotional moments or character work as much as trying to push the theme of, you get it, feminism and how Carol Danvers is a representation of it.

Which in an of itself is not a bad idea since I'm assuming that this takes place in the late 70s- early 80s were inequality was much more abundant. The problem is that Carol Danvers wasn't that much of symbol of feminism during those years if I remember correctly. If we're looking at better examples of female empowerment from that era I believe that Storm was a much better choice since by that time she was pretty much the leader of the X-Men. 

That being said, what really bothers me is the execution. Let alone the fact that such characterization is being pushed on Carol just to follow the theme that the writer is going for, the concept itself is pretty heavyhanded with constant references about it with barely any nuance beyond what one could expect. Not to mention that this particular theme is so prominent that doesn't allow for touching character interactions between the two, once again, the already mentioned tie-ins did a better job at that.

There are some fun moments though like the references about how everything used to cost less in the past and the appearances of classic Marvel characters from that age. Oh, and the story goes meta a few times as in the way how characters talk like in an old-school comic.

Paolo Villanelli handles the artwork and is pretty solid, full of expressive characters and a distinctive style.

Shame that this ended this way, was hoping for a more heartwarming special.

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