miércoles, 13 de septiembre de 2017

Some thoughts about Red Hood & the Outlaws #14

Can the Outlaws handle the new Bizarro?

After being reborn, Bizarro has developed a strange level of intelligence that could benefit the whole team although this won't come without consequences.

Man, I'm really digging this direction.

Scott Lobdell offers a new chapter where he developes the idea of a super intelligent Bizarro in interesting ways. This is clearly inspired by the multiple "Intelligent Hulk" stories but Lobdell manages to create compelling twists with it thanks to the addition of sci-fi concepts that are pretty reminiscent of his original Red Hood & the Outlaws book where he tried to include creative ideas that were pretty strange for a street level character like Red Hood.

And it works so nicely, the new settings that are introduced here have a lot of potential and could be exploited in quite inventive ways which makes me excited for the future of this book. Although based on the last page, things are not so certain.

Joe Bennett is in charge of the art this time and it still works fine. The characters are expressive while overall style is pretty polished.

Quite entertaining, definitely invested in this story.

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