jueves, 21 de septiembre de 2017

Some thoughts about Batman: The Red Death #1

Will The Flash be able to save the multiverse again?

Bruce is decided to get Barry's powers to accomplish his mission but Barry believes that there's always another way.

Okay, first of all, I didn't understand the set-up of this story at all.

I mean, I guess this might be a Bruce Wayne from the multiverse, one that has lost his family and is completely desperate or maybe there's something about the story of Metal that I'm missing here but as it is, this is a pretty out of character Bruce who suddenly feels the need of sacrifice his own friend to get more power, again, I might be getting things wrong here but that's what it seems.

That being said, I did quite enjoy The Flash stuff here. Joshua Williamson once again demonstrates a pretty good understanding of Barry's character including his classic themes of hope and compassion. All of this is accompanied by pretty interesting and accurate references to the connection between The Flash and the multiverse (particularly from Crisis on Infinite Earths) which brings several cool homages to the story.

Carmine Di Giandomenico handles the artwork and as usual, he's perfect at depicting the speed scenes and the overall energy those evoke.

Solid stuff, wish I would have a bit more of background of it though.

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