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Some thoughts about Superman #31

Can Lois Lane survive an encounter with Deathstroke?

Lois is decided to learn more about the world's greatest mercenary but the things she find might be too dangerous for her.

Here we are people, the return of James Bonny to Deathstroke... yay?

As some of you might recall, I wasn't really a fan of Bonny's work on the previous Deathstroke volume. I thought he had solid enough ideas, or at least better ideas than what Tony Daniel had before him, but unfortunately his execution was not up to par and he seemed to be a fan of the over-the-top and stupid characterization that Daniel gave to Slade and for some reason he was asked to write this enounter between Superman and Deathstroke instead of, you know, making Christopher Priest who actually has both good ideas and execution handle it.

So things go as well as you would expect.

The story is mostly focused on Lois and her investigation about Deathstroke which in and of itself is a premise with potential, we don't see enough of Lois doing her job as a reporter so is cool that she's finally having a more important role. THE PROBLEM  is the craft since in many lines the characters tend to overstate the obvious and leaving very little to the imagination which is particularly bad when Bonny tries to describe Slade, is almost like he has some sort of crush on the character.

Tyler Kirkham's artwork is pretty good though, very polished and full of beautiful characters and strong action scenes.

I don't know what I was hoping for, let's just see how this ends.

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