sábado, 17 de octubre de 2020

Some thoughts about Superman #26

Who wants to kill Superman now?

Clark is still trying to keep his journalist and superhero careers together but there's not a lot of time since a mysterious alien is coming after him.

Surprisingly solid for a change.

Brian Bendis offers a new installment where he explores the inner conflict Clark has concerning his jobs. The conversation he has early on with Lois is one of the highlights of the issue because of how charming and real it felt, despite of all the low-points Bendis' run had (and my God, it REALLY had low-points), I always liked his voice for Clark and for extension, his relationship with Lois (Despite that he doesn't write a good Lois).

This is also applied to his interactions with the rest of the Daily Planet including a surprising conversation with Steve Lombard of all people. The rest is just derivative action scenes but at this point you shouldn't expect more from Bendis in that regard.

Ivan Reis' artwork is fantastic as always with beautiful and expressive characters along with great storytelling.

Good read but not sure what I should expect from the upcoming ending.

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