miércoles, 26 de febrero de 2020

Some thoughts about Dial H for Hero #12

It's time to Dial H for the best outcome.

Miguel and Summer are about to lose the entire Multiverse if they're not able to recover the H-Dial and find what they need the most.

This series has come to a conclusion and quite frankly, it has made me gain confidence in Sam Humphries as a whole.

In this final chapter, Humphries exploits many of the same ideas he has been working over the course of the title but the main theme here is hope, about how both Miguel and Summer were able to find hope thanks to each other and that allows them to find hope in the whole Multiverse, using the H-Dial to save existence itself. This is pretty solid character work and creates many heartwarming moments during the whole read.

Not the only interesting aspect since the classic different heroes and characters appear due to the current state of the H-Dial and they're too many to even count them, everything is pretty entertaining. Even Mister Thunderbolt gets a proper send-off after his motivations are fully explained and his outcome demonstrates that everything was for nothing.

Joe Quinones deserves just as much praise because of his always flexible style that creates many different characters and tones in every page with a lot of creativity.

Great finale, great book. Hope Humphries continues with this kind of work.

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