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Some thoughts about Titans #36

Can the Titans stay together for a last time?

Raven can't help but remember how Nightwing convinced her to take place in her new team and this will give the strength to save her friends.

This story and book have come to an end and considering how underwhelming this whole series has been overall, I guess is appropriate this final chapter follows suit.

Dan Abnett brings his run to a close by finally defeating Mother Blood. The problem is that is a rather dull final fight that doesn't present exciting moments in the slightlest. In fact, a lot of the chapter is focused on how Nightwing brought Raven to his new team and this makes me realize that Abnett most likely didn't like how editorial took Dick out of the book and turned it directionless, it seems like he really wanted to use Nightwing and is a shame things didn't go the way he planned. What doesn't work so well here is that Raven wasn't that important of a character here to put so much emphasis on her and so her dynamic with Dick is not really adequate for a final issue.

Plus, it seems like the issue just wants to return everyone to their status quo like curing Beast Boy's condition and a few other details. Is so focused on that that not even characters like Donna Troy receive a good resolution, or a resolution at all for that matter (Seriously, why didn't Abnett make the final conversation between Nightwing and her?).

Bruno Redondo handles the art and is really solid with expressive characters and strong action scenes.

Overall, this book SHOULD have been better in both its original and new directions. Sadly several different problems surfaced.

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