miércoles, 24 de abril de 2019

Some thoughts about Justice League Dark #10

Will the Lords of Order bring destruction to the world?

Nabu's plans have finally been revealed and the Justice League Dark will need to fight against them despite that there's little possibility to win.

Another chapter that is pretty much used as set-up and exposition.

James Tynion IV brings a new installment where he offers the background of this story and there's admitedly a few interesting revelations here. The Lords of Order's reasons for their actions are kinda logical but my biggest problem is that they mostly revolve around the current Justice League direction that is not exactly one of my favorites. Plus, Constantine's role in all of this has become more important and promises interesting developments for the future.

That being said, this is still mostly a big info dump for future events. Tynion basically tells everyone what is about to happen in upcoming issues and stories and, while there's certain focus on the ongoing arc, this is mostly devoted to storylines that are bound to happen. Tynion pretty much follows Scott Snyder's formula and is really not the kind of inspiration he should take (that and the overexposition of course).

Alvaro Martinez' artwork is really great of course with a beautiful style, characters and distinctive storytelling.

Mixed thoughts. Let's see how it continues.

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