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Some thoughts about Justice League Odyssey #8

What are Darkseid's plans?

Cyborg and his team have finally captured Darkseid but he will reveal that they all need each other to save the universe.

This is not without flaws but it is still a logical progression.

Dan Abnett offers a new chapter where he finally makes sense of this whole direction. Darkseid's intentions for the whole team are finally made clear and overall, is an understandable reason. The Source Wall was broken at the beginning of the whole direction for the Justice League line and thus this forced Darkseid to try to save the universe in his own way by manipulating the people he needed the most and that's why he created cults around them to convince them. Again, this builds-up from the initial premise and invents a natural development from it but at the same time it also makes me question why did Joshua Williamson leave if this was so easy to do?

Anyway, the characterization is solid for the whole cast because they receive their appropriate important moments. Even Darkseid is appropriately described more as a force of nature than a common supervillain and I'm glad this is the case.

The issues come from Abnett's typical third person narration which is not necessary at all and just makes things more heavyhanded. That being said, there's only a little of it thankfully.

Daniel Sampere handles the art and is pretty good looking with expressive characters and a vibrant tone.

Good chapter, hope things continue this way.

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